Did you know?

Did you know that knitting is comprised of only two stitches? Only two! Did you know that once you master these two simple stitches that you can make almost anything? Knit stitch, purl stitch and a good, basic knitting pattern and you are on your way. All knitting, no matter how complex is a variation of these two stitches. If you have always wanted to learn, yet found the thought of it intimidating, you can feel less so in knowing that knitting is just two basic stitches. Not so daunting, is it?

Aside from a great, easy-going knitting instructor, there are hundreds if not thousands of great knitting websites, blogs, magazines, books and videos that can help you when you get lost. I still often refer to them. I still get stuck. I love YouTube in that the video tutorials are so well done. It is like having personal knitting  help 24/7. Not that I am trying to sway you from great private lessons to start with, but for ongoing help the internet is amazing. I mostly use it for different techniques since so many before me have figured out a way to reinvent the knitting wheel. British knitters, Japanese knitters, German and Nordic knitters all have amazing ways of doing things that I never dreamed. I can help you with the basics and beyond if you choose. Let’s get you started!!

This is what I am offering!! My Beginning Knitting classes will be comprised of two 2-hour classes on two consecutive weekdays or evenings. Class 1: Casting on and “knit” stitch or “K”. Class 2: “Purl” stitch or “P” and binding off. Classes will be total cost of $40 including both 2-hour sessions. Such a bargain!! Best of all, if you decide that you love the craft, I will provide some ongoing knitting love and support. Yes- “knitting 911”. I will get you confidently “launched”. If you get stuck, I will help “un-stick” you. If you decide to take more advanced classes, we can figure that out as you go. Classes beyond the basic Beginning Knitting can be customized as you go. Want to pick a project? We can get you going. Oh, and as a special bonus- KIDS ARE FREE with a paying adult. I love teaching kids to knit. It is easier than teaching adults! I learned for free as a kid (thank you Mum and Grandmum) so this is my way of paying it forward. In the future I may be doing “Kids Knitting Camp” which will offer free knitting lessons for unfortunate children who’s parents don’t wish to learn how. Please keep checking back for further news on that.

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