I learned to knit before I turned 5 (thank you Mummy). I absolutely love this craft. I love my fellow knitters. I love knitting books, magazines and blogs. Over the years I have met so many amazing women and men knitters, forged friendships and found support over our common love for knitting. I go to knitting retreats, hang out and knit in coffee shops, yarn shops, airports, airplanes and parks, even ballparks. Where I go, so does my knitting bag. I love the portability of it. I am never, ever board. When I have to wait, I pull out my needles and enjoy the wait. I only wish I could make a viable living with this craft, but alas I need to keep my excellent day-job with insurance benefits and subsidize my yarn habit. What I enjoy more than anything is sharing my love of knitting, teaching and sharing nifty knitting tricks with others. I love it when someone looks at something I am making or have made and is not only amazed, but inspired to learn how to knit. It might just be the nicest form of flattery. The only thing nicer is when they learn how and the knitting community expands even more…


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